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Monsoon Destinations -Hampi

Best Time to Visit:

Winters – September to February; Days are cool and temperature falls to 12 Degrees during night Summers – March to May; Hot and parched, tourists usually avoid visiting Hampi during summers

Monsoon – June to August; If you are a rain lover, then you can enjoy the scenic beauty and peaceful environs

Connectivity to Hampi:

Closest Airport: Bellary Airport, Karnataka – 60 kms
Hubli Airport, Karnataka – 170 kms
Belgaum Airport, Karnataka – 190 kms
Bangalore International Airport – 350 kms
Railway Station:
Hospet Junction – 13 kms away from Hampi; There are many overnight trains from Bangalore, Hyderabad and Goa
Bangalore to Hampi – 350 kms
Hyderabad to Hampi – 360 kms
Mode of Transport Used:
The ride from Bangalore to Chitradurga is very good however the ride there after until Hampi is on bumpy narrow roads

Clubnow NO-Mads:


There are plenty of home stays available opposite to the bus stand and some in the settlement to the right hand side while walking towards Virupaksha temple. Don’t expect a luxurious stay and do check out the accommodation before paying for it. We were told that there are few resorts across the river however one will have to cross the river on a boat, every time you want to visit the main site. Clubnow will recommend staying at the main sight and one can take a boat ride to visit the ruins across Tungabhadra. Not many options available for eating and even though one will spot multi cuisine restaurants, these are more of makeshift arrangement locals have done in their house. If possible stick to local delicacies instead of Chinese or Continental and even North Indian dishes. In the morning there are few handcarts on the street that leads to Virupaksha temple selling breakfast, these are a must try. Sitting outside on a stool or a bench and enjoying hot Idlis/ Dosa can be quite an experience.

Fact Check:

While in Hampi, like any other tourist place, haggling is a must. Language may be challenge however people are helpful and soft spoken. Bicycles and bikes are available for hire in Hampi however the place is best enjoyed on foot. If you plan to step out during nights, its advised that carry along a torch. Don’t forget to carry mosquito repellent, most of the homestays don’t provide those. A pair of sneakers with good grip is also advised because some of the treks may include walking by the edge of steep rocks. One can also buy the tourist guides, which are available with locals for INR 20.00; this will come handy while planning the route for trekking. Entire Hampi cannot be explored in a day, to explore the place one will require at least 2 days!!

Must Do:

Trek to Matanga hill – Take the road in the opposite direction of Virupaksha temple and you will reach Matanga hill. On both sides of the road there are structures which were shops and retiring room for merchants also known as Hampi Bazaar. At the foot hill, there a monolithic statue of Nandi and adjacent to that is the trail to the hill. It’s a moderate climb to the top and in few places steps have been carved out of rocks. There are few caves on the way to the top and after reaching the it looks like the trail has ended however look around and you will see craved steps, this will take you to Veerabhadra temple on top. The view of Hampi cannot be described from this place and watching sunset from the top of the temple shouldn’t be missed. While climbing down take the stepped trail towards Achyut Raya temple (this is on the opposite side of the hill). This trail is very beautiful with steps dating back to Vijayanagara empire, going through cave like formations and rocks. The trek through the court yard of Achyut Raya temple – After exploring the temple, head towards Kodanda Rama temple, on both side of the path there are structures built which were shops during those days. Another interesting fact about the place is that the shops were used by Devedasis (prostitutes) to sell precious stones and ornaments. Visit to plan your treks while in Hampi. There are 5 routes that covers all the monuments there

In & Around:

Tungabhadra Dam – 27 kms from Hampi Anegudi (The monkey kingdom “Kiskinda” from epic tale Ramayana– 5 kms
Average Cost per Head: INR 1664.00